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Auto Accidents Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 35% of all fatal occupational injuries will occur on the road, making automobile accidents the leading cause of workplace death for employees nationwide. For workers who survive a crash but are left unable to work due to injury, you may qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits once your claim has been processed. Contact our Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers to discuss your case if you have been the victim of a work-related auto accident.

Certain professions, such as a commercial trucker or a municipal bus driver, are entirely reliant on the ability to properly and safely operate a vehicle. Other jobs may only occasionally require an employee to drive. Examples of such occupations can include emergency medical technicians, pharmaceutical representatives, police officers, and home health aides. According to Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers, regardless of whether a job requires an employee to travel several hundred miles each day or only a few blocks, employees who are involved in a work-related car accident while performing job duties can pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim.

Were you in an auto accident on the job?

Workplace Auto Accidents May Qualify for Benefits In PA

When an employee has an automobile accident while working, the person that owns the vehicle involved in the crash becomes irrelevant. This is because the vehicle itself is normally recognized as the employee’s place of work under the law. It is also important to note that the length or extent of the work that involved driving does not influence which benefits the employee qualifies for in a claim. For example, the injury can occur while running an errand for a manager or can be as complicated as a truck accident while operating a vehicle owned by a company in order to make deliveries for the company.

An employee who is later determined to be at fault for an automobile accident may still be entitled to Workers’ Compensation if they are injured. To that end, employees may be able to successfully pursue reimbursement of medical bills, a portion of their lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses even when their actions were negligent. Workers’ Compensation benefits are also available to employees who are struck by a vehicle while fulfilling their work duties, such as construction workers who are injured by passing motorists.

Even when an employee feels they are entitled to benefits, a successful claim is not guaranteed. When an employee is engaged in illegal activities at the time of their automobile accident – such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol – their claim for Workers’ Compensation will likely be denied. Workers’ Compensation benefits are also unavailable for car accidents occurring during an employee’s commute to and from their primary place of work.

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Borjeson Legal Group Pursue Benefits for Employees Injured in Automobile Accidents

An employer’s Workers’ Compensation plan is designed to compensate employees who are injured on the job, regardless of where the job may be located. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident while performing a work-related duty, Workers’ Compensation benefits are likely available. Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Borjeson Legal Group can help you draft a successful claim, and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. With offices conveniently located in Center City, Philadelphia, we represent clients throughout the region. Call or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation today.