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Helping Factory, Warehouse and Plant Workers

July 10, 2020

Working in a factory, warehouse or plant comes with inherent risks. Factory workers can be in danger of suffering a variety of workplace accidents due to the grueling demands of their job. On a regular basis, warehouse workers are required to manually lift and carry heavy loads, operate industrial machinery, work in facilities that may contain various hazardous chemicals, and sometimes face unsafe warehouse conditions. Workplace accidents in factories routinely result in serious injuries to its workers.

Types of Injuries Experienced by Workers

There are many different types of injuries factory workers may suffer as a result of an work accident. These can range from minor to more severe injuries. Moreover, some of the injuries warehouse workers sustain are classified as repetitive trauma injuries. These types of injuries are not the result of a single workplace accident; rather, repetitive trauma or repetitive motion injuries occur when a worker repeatedly performs the same task and subsequently suffers an injury or “trauma.”

Regardless of what type of injury a factory worker incurs as a result of a workplace accident, any work accident must be brought to the attention of the employer immediately so that the Workers’ Compensation claim can be properly initiated. Injured factory and warehouse workers are eligible to file a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation claim to receive benefits for their injury if their injuries are work-related. Workers’ Compensation provides the injured factory worker coverage for medical bills and replaces income lost while they are injured and unable to work.

Factory & Warehouse Injuries

Some commonplace factory injuries include:

  • Machine shop employees can suffer a machinery accident, whether or not the machinery was faulty

  • Forklift workplace accidents

  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals, spills and fumes

  • In a warehouse or plant, there is the opportunity for fires, electric shock or explosions to occur

  • Plant workers being struck by falling objects in the warehouse

  • Contusions, lacerations and broken bones caused by slip and fall accidents

  • Injuries to the back, neck or hand from heavy lifting, loading/unloading and carrying objects

  • Injuries to legs and joints from constant standing on a hard surface, including torn ligaments and injuries to the knee such as a torn meniscus

  • Shoulder injuries such as a torn rotator cuff

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which cause restricted movement, muscle and joint pain

  • Repetitive motion injuries

When a worker suffers a serious factory accident, the results can be severe. Sadly, there are some factory injuries that may cause a disability that renders a person unable to work permanently. These can include brain damage, amputation, or long term back/neck injuries to the injured factory plant worker.

Seek Help from A Qualified Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The complexities and nuances of the Workers’ Compensation claim process can be overwhelming to injured workers. The guidance of an experienced Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation lawyer can be invaluable to ensure that injured factory workers receive any and all entitled benefits.

A qualified Pennsylvania factory worker injury lawyer can also pursue lump sum settlements and future earnings awards for disabled factory workers. In the case of a workplace fatality due to a warehouse accident, a skilled factory accident attorney can help obtain death benefits for the worker’s family.

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at E.S. Borjeson & Associates Successfully Represent Injured Factory Workers

Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers at E.S. Borjeson & Associates are well versed with the common injuries suffered by a factory, warehouse, forklift operators, machine shop and industrial workers. Our experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers have successfully represented numerous injured factory workers who have sustained injuries as a result of workplace accidents.

If you have suffered a factory accident or other work injury, call us today to schedule a free consultation or submit an online contact form. Our law offices are conveniently located in Philadelphia to serve clients throughout Southeast Pennsylvania, including Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County.