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Representing Victims Injured in Heavy Equipment and Machinery Accidents

Heavy equipment and machinery accidents injure or fatally kill thousands of workers annually, despite employers’ best safety practices. Federal, state and industry guidelines are established to prevent these types of work injuries.

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Representing Injured Construction Workers

Construction workers face some of the most dangerous working conditions that can result in serious and sometimes even fatal injuries.

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Helping Factory, Warehouse and Plant Workers

Working in a factory, warehouse or plant comes with inherent risks. Factory workers can be in danger of suffering a variety of workplace accidents due to the grueling demands of their job.

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Hearing Loss

Not everyone works in a quiet office. Some of the most important jobs require workers to spend long periods of time in loud factories or on construction sites where there is constant noise that can permanently affect their hearing.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Philadelphia

A workplace accident can result in neurological injuries or traumatic brain injuries that leave victims with permanent, irreversible damage that hinders their ability to function normally.

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Handling Claims for Office Worker Injuries and Illnesses

When people think of work-related injuries or illnesses, they tend to think about heavy and laborious industries such as construction sites, manufacturing plants and factories.

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